Asthma Management

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More than 50% of adults and children with asthma have uncontrolled asthma, but there’s no reason to live with frequent asthma attacks. At Family Care Plus Clinic, family medicine physician Nancy Naghavi, DO, and her dedicated team offer personalized asthma management plans for all ages. Learn how you can control your asthma and greatly reduce attacks by calling either of the two clinic locations in Katy, Texas, or Munroe Falls, Ohio, or booking an appointment online today.

Asthma Management Q & A

What is asthma management?

Asthma management is a team approach to staying healthy when you have asthma. The Family Care Plus Clinic team works with you to implement the best asthma attack and prevention protocols so you can stay healthy and enjoy normal activities without worry.

What does asthma management involve?

Family Care Plus Clinic customizes asthma management strategies for every patient based upon asthma severity, overall health, and individual needs. Usually, your asthma management plan includes:

Immediate-onset medication

Immediate-onset medication, also called quick-relief or rescue medication, comes in inhaler form. The most common rescue inhaler medications are short-acting beta2-agonists or bronchodilators. 

You use a rescue inhaler when an asthma flare-up happens, as soon as you feel your airways tightening. The inhaled medication opens your airways for immediate relief. 

Long-acting medication

Common long-acting medications include long-acting beta-agonists and corticosteroids. These medications are typically in inhaler form, but instead of on-demand use, you take a metered dose at least once a day. 

Long-acting beta-agonists relax your airway muscles to help keep them clear while corticosteroids diminish inflammation in your airways. Some inhalers combine the two types of medications.

Long-acting medication won’t help with asthma flare-ups because they work over weeks and months to prevent asthma attacks. It’s important to have your rescue inhaler with you at all times and then use your long-acting inhaler at home daily.

Asthma management requires close communication with your medical providers at Family Care Plus Clinic. If your current asthma medications aren’t working effectively, the team works with you to find something that relieves your symptoms. 

What lifestyle changes help with asthma management?

Up to 75% of asthma sufferers also have allergies, and recognizing those allergies can help quite a bit in terms of asthma management. Family Care Plus Clinic may recommend allergy testing and treatment like allergy shots. 

The team may also recommend taking a few precautions around your home as part of your asthma management plan. This can include minimizing allergen exposure, using air purifiers, using microfilter vacuum bags, and using closed-vent air conditioners. 

With help from the Family Care Plus Clinic team, you can control your asthma in the most effective manner. For asthma management made easy, reach out to either clinic location by phone or book an appointment online today.