Immigration Physicals

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Immigration physicals are exams that prove you meet the minimum health conditions to become a United States citizen. Everyone who applies for citizenship must undergo this exam by seeing a licensed civil surgeon like family medicine physician Nancy Naghavi, DO, at Family Care Plus Clinic. The clinic offers immigration physicals at two locations in Katy, Texas, and Munroe Falls, Ohio, and the team is ready to help you take the next step toward citizenship. Call the nearest location or book your immigration physical online today.

Immigration Physicals Q & A

What happens during immigration physicals?

Immigration physicals include a physical exam and mental evaluation.

Physical exam

Family Care Plus Clinic examines your skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, extremities, heart, lungs, abdomen, and outer genitalia. 

Mental health assessment

The team evaluates your basic intelligence, behavior, comprehension abilities, mood, and other facets of your brain function and mental health. They'll ask some questions about your mood and behaviors as part of this assessment.

As part of your immigration physical, you'll also have:

  • Bloodwork to check for syphilis
  • Chest X-ray to check for tuberculosis
  • Vaccinations as needed

Family Care Plus Clinic fills out Form I-693 (the immigration physical form) and then seals it at the end of your exam. Don't break the envelope seal. You'll submit this envelope with your immigration application. 

How do I get ready for immigration physicals?

Before your immigration physical at Family Care Plus Clinic, assemble everything you'll need, including:

  • Your government-issued ID
  • Alien registration number
  • Form I-693 
  • Medical records that show your past vaccinations

You don't usually need to fast before your immigration exam, but the Family Care Plus Clinic team informs you of any additional requirements before your appointment. 

How long are the results of immigration physicals valid?

Immigration physicals are valid for two years. But you must submit your immigration application within 60 days of your exam. 

Can immigration physicals take the place of an annual physical?

No. An immigration physical is a simplified version of your annual physical exam. Immigration physicals primarily focus on verifying that you don't have certain communicable diseases and that you're in good mental health. 

Your annual physical exam at Family Care Plus Clinic is far more in-depth because it's more of a head-to-toe checkup. Plus, annual physicals are extremely important for disease and illness screenings. 

During annual physicals, Family Care Plus Clinic looks for problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This early-stage diagnosis can help prevent serious health complications later.

Family Care Plus Clinic is proud to be a one-stop provider for all the exams and sick care you need, including immigration physicals and yearly wellness exams. Call either clinic location or book your appointment online today.